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Rikara's Old Page

Rikara's Page

(Last updated, 7 June 1999)

My Age is now 2 Years and I weigh over 25lbs!

Hi folks, this is my page. Daddy says I can put anything I want on this page - so it will be all about me and the things that I like. I'll just keep adding to the top of the file, so it might grow to be big.


Hello again, I have just had my second birthday! I don't feel much older but Mummy and Daddy keep telling me that I am a big girl now. Since I last wrote I can now fully communicate with both my parents. This is not quite as good as it sounds as they generally ignore my requests, especially if I begin them with "I want...." However, I have noticed that they are more inclined to give me things if I say "Please Daddy, can I have ...."

I have an expanding vocabulary and can form complex phrases. I can count up to twelve and can even count objects by pointing at them. I also know a full range of colours and can recognise them easily. My favourite colour is YELLOW.

I enjoy reading, drawing, going to the park and watching television. My favourite programs are Teletubbies and Maisy Mouse. I have also learnt to jump and Mummy calls me 'Jumping Bean'.


Well, what didn't I get for Christmas! It took me all day just to open my presents, though I did keep stopping to play with various toys that I unwrapped. I'm not sure which was my favourite, but I know Daddy likes my train set and Mummy likes my dolls. The only disappointment was that after unwrapping a new pram and climbing in, I was told that it was for my dolls, and not for me to sit in.

I'm learning new words on a daily basis and can join words together to make understandable sentences, such as "Maxi gone Grandma's" (Maxi is Grandma's dog).

Shown below are three of the badges I have gained for swimming. The next one will involve me swimming underwater and picking up an object. I'm not too sure when I'll be able to do that.


Hi Folks, here are some more picture of me. My vocabulary continues to grow on a daily basis, I've even started stringing words together to make some half intelligble phrases. However, my parents complain that I 'jabber' on for ages and they don't understand what I'm saying. It must be an accent thing, since I understand.

I've got walking down to a fine art and can now run as well. I still go swimming and have gained four merit awards, some of which I'll show here.

I just love holidays! We've been to the seaside twice so far and I can't get enough of paddling in the sea. Mummy tried to take me out of the water but I cried so much she just had to put me back in.

I can now walk unaided, in fact after the first day of practicing to walk, I've hardly been off my feet. Daddy thought it would be great when I started to walk, because I'd be able to walk into town with him. What he didn't realise is that I don't want to go in the same direction as him, I want to go my own way! Naturally this has led to many disagreements, all of which I have won, but Daddy's such a sore loser he just picks me up and goes where he wanted to. Just wait until I'm bigger.....

I'm beginning to help out around the house. Mummy asks me to do things like "load the washing machine", so just to please her, I do. I also do a lot of tidying up after them both, mind you I'm not to sure where most things go, so I just move them from one place to another.

My favourite game at the moment is to post things through the letter box. It always surprises Mummy when she opens the front door and finds the TV remote control outside.

Well, I've had my first birthday (04/06/1998). It was great - I got lots of crinkly paper and boxes. Unfortunately there we're things inside, so I just threw them on the floor. I didn't have my own birthday party, but I went to two of my friends parties. I had a good time playing with their toys and hitting them on the head with them.

I'm now a demon crawler and can do 0-60 feet in less than 4 minutes. When I grow up I'm going to be a mountain climber coz I love climbing the stairs. Before that though, I'll have to be a locksmith because we've got gates on the stairs. I'm practising standing up, but can't walk unaided yet, but only because I don't want to, you understand.

I'm still going to the swimming baths and have moved onto arm bands. I can swim three lengths of the small pool before Mummy get's too tired to follow me. Talking of tired, I now sleep on my stomach, with my bottom up in the air - you should try it, it's really comfortable.

I enjoy playing games with Mummy and Daddy, especially the one where I can make them say the following:

Wow, it's already April and I'm now over ten months old. I've been off my food for the past two months due to minor infections and teething - I've got four of them, they're great for biting things like mummy's fingers and the TV remote control. I can almost crawl and love to stand up (with a little help from my parents).

This picture is the one that won me first prize in Boots' Bubbly Baby Competion. I've been entered in the regional finals, but I don't think I'll win. (Boots is a national chemists, or drug-store for you foriegners ;-)

Hello again, it's now February 1998 and quite a few things have happened, such as:

    • I can now SIT UP. My parents were quite surprised, but it was easy. I really enjoy sitting in the bath and playing with all my toys.
    • I can talk, well, I can say DADADADADA and MOMOMOMOMOM.
    • I like to grin alot and blow air past my gums.

This is me, January 1998

What I like to do:

    • Lie in bed at three in the morning and shout at the top of my voice continuously for hours. Daddy must like it too, since he shouts back at me (something like "SHUTUPIMTRYINGTOSLEEP", but I don't know what that means, so I just shout louder).
    • Go swimming once or twice a week.
    • Only partially open my mouth when being fed food so that it goes everywhere but in my mouth.
    • 'Wibble', thats screaming and wriggling, for no apparent reason on every other day. It keeps Mummy on her toes looking after me. I especially like to do this when Mummy and Daddy are doing grown-up things in their bedroom.

Here are some recent pictures of me (Nov. 97):

News Flash: Baby Arrives Early

This is a picture of Rikara Grace Gabrielle Wyer. She was born on the fourth of June at 20:36 and weighed 6lbs. 11oz.

Rikara was twelve days early 'coz she couldn't wait to meet her proud parents, Maria Yasmin Prescott-Wyer and Karl Simon Wyer, pictured below:

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